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We provide a free "concierge" discount airline ticket service to our members.

You enter your desired flights on our website, and then, one of our travel agents will track down the best deal we can offer.

Customer service will call you to discuss the price of the ticket(s), and the flight(s) we can book for you.

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We greatly appreciate that our customers choose to trust us with their travel. We are committed to deliver exceptional value and savings to earn our customers' trust. We will always qive you our lowest possible fare quote for airline ticket prices, and we will always provide you with courteous and prompt customer service.

This is why our customers consider us to be the best on-line last minute travel website where our travel agents bid on your flights to get you the best deals. This is much easier for customers than you bidding on flights at other travel websites, or you spending time to search for and compare prices on many different on-line travel websites to find and get cheap flights with discounted airline tickets.
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1. You send us your flights' itinerary.
2. We locate our cheapest deal for your flights.
3. We email your fare quote and provide flight details.
4. You review your fare quote and contact us if you want us to book your flights.
5. You make payment. Your flights will then be booked, and we will email you the airline's E-Ticket confirmation number.
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